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So i have been ridiculously busy of late, life has NOT been boring!

Things with Risk & Consequence have finally pulled together, despite the fact that a lot of people have let me down with writing, I'm catching up and putting the last bits in, and i'm really looking forward to seeing the finished magazine.

Its costing £40 between two to print 200 copies, which isn't half bad, the only bitch is getting them sent from the Midlands to my house in time for the following thursday. Hmm. I have an afternoon off that week before the launch party at 21 club so I can get my clue and scissors out and decorate till my heart's content!

Other than that, updates include:
- There's a large possibility that I'll be back on the Pharmacy for 27 hours of my work contract and only at petrol for one day a week!

- Tracie is leaving in two weeks time, starting with two weeks holiday, YES MOTHERFUCKER! No more stalker behaviour, the day she leaves I am changing my phone number and deleting/blocking her from facebook.

- Rikki has been suspended from work - which means that if he's sacked, and i AM still at the PFS in August, I can have the week of my 21st birthday off!

- Going to Bruges in 5 weeks for a weekend away.

- Tom has told us that his uncle has a villa in Cyprus, which we can go to in the summer for free so long as we pay for flights - hellooooooooo tan!

- I have purchased my Great Escape tickets to go with Carl, which will also be a mini holiday. The line up is immense at the moment, am praying for YYYs to headline...

- .... i adore the new album btw.

- As predicted, I am back with Carl, although things at the moment are suitably PANTS, because I didn't text him back straight away when I didn't have signal (go figure.)

- I WAS going to wash my car this afternoon but the sun has gone in and clouds are looming. :(

- But it means I can spend more time writing for R&C.

- AND, Tom fixed my laptop for free, put a new hard drive in etc etc ~ saved me a grand total of £70 from Apple, what a lovely bloke.

That is all!


Oct. 8th, 2009 10:30 am (UTC)
Not me, and blimey at you commenting on this post, this was time ago, I forgot what Livejournal looks like!

Add me on facebook if you'd like - Kaylea Mitchem - and riskconsequence is my twitter xx

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